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Appraisal Services

Bob Griffis Minerals provides appraisal services for as few as a single mineral specimen to very large collections.  We understand and have experience with he unique requirements of IRS fair-market value appraisals for donated property.  We will meet or exceed your appraisal expectations.

Types of Appraisals
  •   Insurance Coverage or Insured Losses (Replacement Cost appraisals)
  •   Charitable Donations (Fair-Market Value appraisals following IRS regulations)
  •   Asset Distributions for Estates and Divorce (Fair-Market Value appraisals)
  •   Resale (Wholesale and/or Retail Value appraisals)
Appraisal Fees

We charge a flat hourly rate for all appraisals, based solely on the amount of time required at your site to examine and describe the mineral specimen or collection.  You are not charged for all time required for research, and for compiling and preparing the appraisal report.  This is included at no additional cost.  Fees may be negotiable and less depending on the complexity of the appraisal. Any additional work, such as revising prior appraisal reports, or preparing other deliverables is charged at a lower rate.

See our How We Charge page for a detailed discussion of our appraisal fees.

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