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Using Our Website

We have tried to make it as easy to ask questions or place an order as it would be in person.  Every specimen has buttons to send an inquiry about that particular specimen, or to add it to your Shopping Cart.  As a registered customer, you have the ability to Reserve your selections for later, so you can shop at your leisure.

How to Use Our Shopping Cart
  • Use the "Add To Cart" button beneath a specimen's photos to place that specimen in your Shopping Cart.
  • If you need more time to decide, or want to come back later to shop, you can Reserve your Cart.  It will be saved for up to 48 hours. After you Reserve your Cart, no one else can purchase the specimens in your Cart.  You must be have an account and be logged in to Reserve your Cart.
  • If you have any questions about your Cart, such as shipping, or would like to make an offer on specimens in your Cart, you can use the "E-Mail Inquiry" button on your Reserved Cart to send us a note. We will respond, and your Cart will remain Reserved beyond the normal 48-hour limit.
  • If you request a discount, we will try to give you the best deal possible for all the specimens in your Cart.  Discounts are based on the specific specimens, our costs, the size of the order, etc., so any discounts apply to the entire Cart; they are not a fixed percentage for each specimen.  Removal of any specimens in a discounted Cart will result in removal of the entire discount, and you will have to request it again.
  • You can view your Shopping Cart at any time by pressing the "View Cart" button.
  • If you navigate away from the site, and haven't Reserved your Cart, the contents will be emptied.

The Checkout and Purchase Process
  • Once all specimens have been added to your Cart, you can proceed though a secure checkout process.  We use PayPal as a third-party payment processor.  If you would rather not use PayPal, please send us a note using the "E-Mail Inquiry" button on your Cart to make other arrangements.
  • On checkout, our Cart automatically calculates shipping and insurance using the US Postal Service's shipping estimator.  If you are overcharged for shipping, we will refund any significant difference.
  • International customers should ask about shipping before checkout, as it is difficult to calculate the correct and best shipping and insurance rates.
  • Specimens will generally be shipped within 3 business days after payment is made.

Ask Questions about a Specimen
  • To  ask a question about a specimen, click on the "E-Mail Inquiry" button beneath the specimen's photos.  You will be taken to our secure contact form, where you can send us a note about that particular specimen.
  • You can send multiple e-mails in this manner, but its easier to add them to your Shopping Cart, Reserve them, and then ask about your Cart contents.
  • We will usually respond in 24 hours unless we are traveling and don't have internet access.