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GneissWare™ Mineral Catalog

GneissWare™ Mineral Catalog is powerful yet simple-to-use software to help manage your mineral collection -- written by a mineral collector for mineral collectors.  GneissWare™ Mineral Catalog is designed for cataloging the simplest to the most sophisticated mineral collections.

You can catalog and manage personal, club, school or museum collections.  GneissWare™ Mineral Catalog provides the tools needed to manage small to very large collections of specimens effectively. Because it is designed to be easy to use, it takes only about 1½ to 2 minutes to add a catalog entry, so you can spend less time cataloging, and more time enjoying and researching your collection.

The free Trial version is a fully functioning copy of GneissWare® Mineral Catalog, so you can try it before you buy it.  Its only limit is that you can add 10 specimens to the catalog.  Purchasing removes this limitation.
Features & Capabilities
  • Mineralogy - Primary and accessory minerals, and variety.

  • Purchase Info - How acquired, price/value, date, and from whom acquired.

  • Appraisal Info - Appraiser, date and value.

  • Size - General size, and specific measurements for specimen and main crystal using metric or english units.

  • Weight - Specific weight for specimen using metric or english units. (NEW)

  • Systematics - Chemical classification, Strunz and Dana numbers, chemical formula, and crystallography.

  • Properties - Pick from a customizable list (e.g., twins, habits, etc.), or enter fully searchable text.

  • Notes - Add up to 64,000 characters of notes and ex-collection info to each specimen.

  • Photos - Add JPG photo to each specimen. And, add JPG photos to each locality (NEW)

  • Reports - Produce reports using a powerful report selection engine to select items to print using one to many characteristics.

  • Labels - Produce standard labels (TN, miniature, small and large cabinet) using the same powerful report selection engine.

  • Extensive Locality Info - A separate locality database stores mine names, mining districts/regions, geographic features, counties, states/provinces, countries, continents, and up to 64,000 characters of notes for each locality.  Nearly 400 localities are preloaded for you, and you can add thousands more.

  • 3800+ Predefined Minerals - Mineral names, chemical formula and classification, Dana and Strunz classification, mineral group, crystallography, pseudo-forms, IMA approved and/or discredited, and a "common" flag are preloaded and fully customizable.

  • Many Lookup Tables Ease Data Entry - 14 fully customizable lookup tables come preloaded to simplify and standardize data entry - including lists of mineral groups; crystallography; specimen type, size, status, and quality; 203 countries; and 3,458 states/provinces.

  • Internet Support - Lookups into for both minerals and localities. (NEW)


For a tour of features and examples of GneissWare™ Mineral Catalog, please use the Feature Tour link.


Many, if not most, of the improvements over the past 15 years are a direct result of the many suggestions from our customers.  Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

System Requirements

Fully tested and operational under Windows NT, 2000, and XP

This version is now mostly Vista compatible, except for one feature--selecting photos for the catalog using picture thumbnails.  A workaround is in this new version, but thumbnail photos are not available under Vista.

GneissWare™ Mineral Catalog is not currently compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows.

GneissWare™ Mineral Catalog is not compatible with Windows 7 or above.
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